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The Package

The Steve Peat Syndicate is a new concept for downhill and enduro mountain bike racers, headed up by none other than Steve Peat. Anyone can apply to be part of the team – you just need to be of an intermediate riding level, have some good base fitness, be happy in a team environment and have an up for it attitude!

Santa Cruz Bike

The Steve Peat Syndicate shares many of the same sponsors as Peaty himself and whether you ride downhill or enduro we can supply a bike fit for purpose. We ride Santa Cruz bikes kitted out with the best parts from Uberbike, Fox, Hope, Shimano, Renthal, Maxxis and CrankBrothers.

If you're part of the DH team you’ll be racing on the winningest world cup bike of all time, the all conquering V10 that's ruthlessly slayed DH wins with Steve, Greg and Josh. If your racing on the Enduro team, then you can choose your weapon… a Nomad, a Bronson perhaps… or the fast rolling, do it all Hightower. The choice is yours...

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Fitness Program

SPS has developed, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, a training program that is unique within its field. Designed and implemented by the same team of professionals that have helped Steve maintain a career at Elite level for over 2 decades, it’s simple to follow and rewards those who put the effort in with real world performance gains.

Racing mountain bikes, whether it’s downhill or enduro, is a combination of fitness and skill. We use baseline fitness data to tailor a unique training plan for each rider. We focus on the physical, technical and mental elements in a variety of sessions both on and off the bike but still keeping an emphasis on fun.

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Race Support

Its only the downhill team that currently has race support and this attends both BDS races in the UK and World Cup races on the European continent. We do fly away races too if there is enough riders entered to make it financially viable between the riders racing.

We have a full fitted out Mercedes Sprinter with wind out awnings and pop up tents for mechanics to work out of and somewhere to chill between race runs.

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Bike Components

DH or Enduro, you race bike or practice bike will be built with the best parts in the business. SPS has been a long term partner with Fox racing on the suspension front (and rear!), we love there product and enjoy excellent race support from their technicians. Shimano will take care of braking and gear shifting duties, whether thats a Saint groups of DH bikes or a mi of XT and XTR on enduro builds.

Uberbike Components handles a lot of the smaller parts like bottom brackets, brake pads and discs, chainrings and cables. Hope needs no introduction and supplies our wheel sets and headsets. E13 for keep chains on, Crank Bros for pedals and WTB for seats. Finally, Maxxis rubber is there to try and keep you rubber side up!

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Sport Psychology

Mountain bike racing has a massive mental strength element to it, so naturally SPS isn’t going to leave this critical stone unturned in our quest to make you the fastest racer possible. We all know really fast riders that can achieve amazing times during training or perhaps even in qualification but when it come to the race run…. It all goes wrong under the added pressure. It’s a shame to have put in vast amounts’ of high quality on the bike training, gym work and technique practice only to throw it away because your heads blown and you’re riding tight.

Using the techniques taught to you by our sports psychologists’ you can recognise the signs of pre race stress and deal with it in a positive way – turning what seems to be a negative emotion into something far better.

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Training with Steve

Having one of the winningest riders in DH history in your corner is a massive plus and as part of SPS, you get exactly that. We have 2 official pre season training camps which consist of both on and off the bike training run by Steve and the professionals from Sheffield Hallam University's sports sciences department.

Steve is often out on his bike and this year held several more get togethers / training sessions in his local woods with team members.

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Race Kit

Only the best from head to toe. Troy Lee D3 helmets for DH and Enduro riders alike. Royal Racing for race kit, including one off custom shirts for each rider. 7IDP pads for keeping the skin on your knees and other areas… all the way down to the superb Five Tens for your feet.

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Team Sessions

In the pre season we try to organise as many get togethers as possible, encouraging team members to meet up and ride / train together when possible. Having team members to bounce off of helps motivation, gives some friendly competition and just makes training more fun.

Theres no set amount of these types of get togethers, SPS just helps bring these happenings together at the start of the year and then the team members themselves start to organise themselves as the team gels together.

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Santa Cruz Bike

In our opinion they're the best bikes on the planet. Downhill or Enduro, yours to keep! more

Fitness Program

Run throughout the year our specialist fitness program is tailored especially for riding. more

Race Support

A pit and team mechanic will be available at most races throughout the season. more

Bike Components

Part of your sponsorship package includes the latest components for your V10. more

Sport Psychology

Get the correct nutrtition and sport psychology info from the best in the sport. more

Training with Steve

Pick your lines with the best in the business and take your riding to the next level. more

Race Kit

Brand new Royal Racing SPS team kit developed and tested by Steve himself. more

Team Sessions

Riding with the whole SPS crew allows you to build off each others progress. more


Can I get a place on the team without having to pay for my bike/package?

SPS is a buy in team. The cost of the package covers all aspects of the program including the bike and providing the training and technical support.

How do you decide who to accept on the team?

We will assess all applications and choose riders who we feel will make good members of the team. Its not judged on out and out ability or experience. We are looking for riders who want to achieve their personal goals, no matter how big or small and who will represent SPS well.

Will we get charged for use of the mechanic at races? How will we be charged for parts used?

The SPS mechanic will be there to help keep you running on race weekend. It’s your bike, so its your responsibility to maintain and prepare it for each race. At the races the mechanic is shared by all riders so you need to help out when needed.

What kind of replacement policy is there on helmets and parts?

As per the manufacturers policy, if they have one in place.

What happens if I total a wheel or damage the frame? Do I get discounted replacements?

SPS riders have access to replacement parts at a discounted rate. The discount depends on each product but will be considerably cheaper than a shop. Parts are supplied to order so can take time to distribute. The SPS van does not have a stock of parts so it is the riders responsibility to turn up to a race weekend with adequate spares.

How likely is it that Steve will be present to walk tracks and hang out?

Steve would like to be present at all of them, however, being Steve Peat means that he is pulled in every direction to every corner of the globe throughout the season. When his schedule allows Steve will be available at the races for you to chase down the hill!

I swear by XYZ helmets / Zebedee suspension etc, any chance I can wear my own helmet/use my own fork?

No. We have deals / arrangements with sponsors, mostly Steve’s sponsors, to use their equipment. We are a team after all, so we want to be running the same equipment throughout. All our sponsors provide the highest quality products available and supply top teams and riders across the world.

If I win the British Downhill Series for SPS, will I then get bigger discounts/incentives to re-sign for the next season?

Win the series first and then we’ll talk, over to you!

Where will our training days take place?

We try to keep our training days in a central location to minimize travel for everyone. The venues we choose are comparable to race tracks and suitable for SPS riders.

Can I get a second bike for Training?

SPS riders have the option to purchase any other bike from the Santa Cruz range with a discount.

If I crash and break my leg in the first race of the season, will I get a discount for all the season I’m likely to miss?

Unfortunately we don’t offer a refund in this circumstance (or crash replacement policies for broken legs!). This is racing, that is the way it goes. You will still be part of the team and we’d hope you’d still come to the races and be part of the family as you recuperate.

I’ve sent my application, when do I get my kit?

We can only distribute bikes and kit when we receive it and it takes time to gather all of the parts. Unfortunately we cannot speed up the process if there is a delay on production, but we endeavor to provide all bikes before the first national race each season. Please note that riders must pay in full before they receive the bike.

What happens at the end of the season, am I still part of the SPS and do I have to buy a new package for next year?

Towards the end of the season we will be open to new applications from riders wishing to join the SPS, current riders will be invited to re apply to be on the team for the following season and will get first refusal on a place on the program.

Do I have to buy another bike / package for following years?

Yes. The purchase of your package is what subsidises the support you receive throughout the season. We are aware this might not be what you want to hear but it is the only way we can afford to run the team. If you’re joining the team the following year, you can sell your current bike to help finance your next seasons package or keep it as a spare. Your bike, if looked after will be worth approx £3500.00 GBP.

Are the Race entry fees included in the cost of joining SPS?

All fees associated with racing such as entries and license are the responsibility of the rider, its also your responsibility to enter they races you want to do before they sell out! You can’t just turn up at a race expecting an entry because you are on SPS!

About the SPS

Formed in 2010 and now building on its 8th year — the Steve Peat Syndicate is a buy in team, where you purchase your place and we supply you with the best bike, kit and training available, with the bike and kit being yours to keep forever.

A limited number of places for the SPS open up each year as some of our riders find new teams and sponsors.

All of our current riders recognise the exceptional value of the package offered by the Steve Peat Syndicate and receive huge value for their investment. Ask any of the current team what they think of the team and you’ll get a glowing endorsement.

Whilst the team is not ideal for a novice, it is open to riders from the passionate enthusiast, all the way through to upcoming Elite level world cup riders who want to raise their riding and racing to a higher level.

We provide a unique opportunity for riders of all ages to enjoy the very best support, training and equipment; aimed at giving you the building blocks you need to take your riding to a higher level.

Steve Peat

If you have any questions about joining the SPS team or the application process, please don't hesitate and get in touch at . We’re here to help!